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SHIBARIM Launches: Get Ready for a New Blockchain Frontier!

• Shytoshi Kusama, a lead developer of Shiba Inu and the Shibarium project, has disclosed that the beta version of the project would be released soon and several projects have reached out to them to build on Shibarium.
• Kusama thanked the community for thousands of submissions, stating that this makes SHIB army even stronger.
• He also mentioned that they are preparing to present the WAGMI Temple hub at the SXSW event later in the year.

Shibarium Beta Release

Shytoshi Kusama, a lead developer of Shiba Inu and the Shibarium project, has announced that the beta version of Shibarium will be released soon. Several projects have already reached out to them expressing their interest in building on Shibarium.

Community Support

Kusama expressed his gratitude towards the SHIB community for submitting thousands of forms which he believes strengthens SHIB’s army. He further discussed preparations for presenting WAGMI Temple hub at SXSW event later this year.

Project Collaborations

Kusama revealed that many teams have contacted SHIB team to collaborate with Shibarium and their input is highly appreciated. He encouraged everyone to follow Shibarium’s latest crypto news updates as well as do their own research (DYOR) whenever they mention any other project.

Song Of The Moment

To keep up with enthusiasm, Kusama posted a Spotify link containing “the song on repeat while we finish” creating more hype among fans eagerly waiting for its release.

ShibaSwap DEX Official Platform

The team behind Shimbarium clarified their silence by saying they were busy updating public about Shimbarium Beta and Shiba Inu metaverse progress. They also announced ShibaSwap as an official decentralized exchange platform for Shimbarium users.